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Mac Shack

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There is practically no comfort food that can top the amazingness of a hot, creamy plate of Mac & Cheese. And while the orange elbow macaroni held us over as kids, adults have more discerning tastes. Luckily, Mac Shack near Rhodes Ranch caters to everyone!

One walk inside and you’ll know you entered pasta heaven! The quick-dining seating area is open and inviting, with fun colors bouncing off the walls. (Honestly, the place looks so nice, you’d think you were in a chain restaurant with deep pockets). Chefs work out in the open so you can see them creating your pasta masterpiece over an open flame!

The options are endless. While the classic mac and cheddar combo is on the menu, the specialty dishes are to die for. “Crazy Alfredo” is their top-seller, with fettuccine tossed in with heaping helpings of chicken, sausage and shrimp combined with roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and jalapenos in a cream sauce. If that’s a little too spicy for you, the “Farm House” is a winner, with ham, peas and egg mixed in with bow-tie pasta and cream sauce.

In fact, we could list all the dishes (“Smokehouse Mac”, “Baked Rigatoni”, “Steak & Cheese Mac”, etc) but we could be here all day. Trust us when we say you’ll be hard pressed to try to eat every option. Not to mention with gluten free options, and create-your-own dishes, so the “pasta-bilities” are endless!

The other thing that makes Mac Shack  pretty amazing: the deals. Bring the kids in with you, and on Sundays kids eat free with the purchase of an entree! Then Monday’s are “Meat Free Mondays”, featuring 20% off all meat-less meals!

When you’re done with your meal, a Tootsie Roll Pop awaits you! A perfect finishing touch to an amazing eatery.

So bring out the kids, and the kid in you! There’s something for everyone at Mac Shack!


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