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North End Pizza

North End Pizza

6440 N Durango Dr, Las Vegas
(near 215/N Durango)

Centennial Hills

(702) 645-9006



If you type “Boston” into Google Maps, you’ll see it’s about 2,800 miles to the north east. While the food in Beantown is “wickid awe-sum”, it’s a pricey flight and a long drive. Why make the trip to New England when you can drive up the 215 to North End Pizza!

North End Pizza is owned by Claudia Vaccari, who is Boston-bred and Boston-fed. You walk into the restaurant at North Durango and the 215, and there is no mistaking it, Claudia is a fan of the 617. There is so much swag on the walls that they had to start hanging Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins/Celtics paraphernalia in the bathrooms!

The restaurant is named after the “North End” of Boston, an area with skinny streets, brick buildings, and some of the best Italian restaurants this side of the Atlantic. (If you remember “The Town”, the car chase where one of them got shot? Yeah. That’s the North End).

Claudia isn’t the only Massachusetts import either. The key to North End Pizza’s success is their dough. Her father wholesales dough and sauce out of a bakery in the northern part of the state, and Claudia bares the expense of shipping all that goodness out here to Vegas (she says the water in Las Vegas is not conducive to a good crust).

What you get is totally, crumb for crumb, a legitimate, delicious east coast style pizza. From the cheese pizza, to the supreme, it’s perfect. Their big seller is their white pizza, which throws out the sauce (which is amazing) and adds ricotta, and oils, and wow. You’ve got to try it.

You can polish it off homemade canolis or some fried dough, and you will be a happy “campah”.

So whether you’re from Boston, or you just want to eat like Affleck & Damon, North End Pizza is worth the trip to Centennial Hills.


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